Bezalel Autumn Studio 2013

The final exercise of Autumn Studio 2013 focuses on the interrelation of events and spaces. Students identify and observe a specific event and investigate the physical conditions that enable, hinder, or change its defining characteristics.

Autum Semester 2013, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

Studio Noa Appel & Itai Palti

In an example project, Aya Kurz captured a public solo dance performance and observed that almost all passers-by ignored or did not notice the dancer.



In order to understand the physical conditions that made the performance into a non-event, Aya began to examine the route of pedestrians passing-by through a series of sections located at five metre intervals. They clearly expressed the high frequency of changes in scale, horizontal and vertical boundaries for those passing the dancer.

Aya Sections


Could it be the space is so disjointed and incoherent that it foils any attempts to create events within it? Below: a model fragmenting the site according to sectional changes in the linear route of a passer-by.