Bezalel Autumn Studio 2014



How can we capture the essence of an event in space and express it precisely to others?

In this first semester for architecture students at the Bezalel Academy, our studio focuses on the ephemeral, passing nature of physical events in space. We challenge ourselves to find the tools with which to measure a phenomenon and the medium with which to portray it.

Spring Semester 2014, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

Studio Noa Appel & Itai Palti

Students choose an event occurring anywhere in their built environment and begin trying to capture the qualities that constitute it. Photography, video, and drawings are all used to begin an analysis of an occurrence however poetic or mundane. It may be the cycle of a traffic junction, the changing textures of the ground during a stroll, or the destruction of a spider’s web. When confronted with the task to translate the event’s qualities into a readable medium, students must develop or invent a measuring device to help them capture precisely the changes occurring.

The resulting device allows the student to solidify an understanding of a passing moment and use the information it gathers to help express the event graphically, through drawings and models.

Drawing by Shai Ben-Ami



Yuval Rudis looked at the movement of water metres to express the relative ‘existence’ of the spaces occupying the building where he lives. His device was designed to augment a water metre in order to translate consumption into a graphic language used to express the the building in a new form; one that reinterprets volumes of spaces through relative consumption.


Development of measuring device.



Only the facade of the building and Yuval’s apartment are physical certainties in his perception. These are represented to scale and in white.


The remaining spaces behind the facade are adjustable on the model since it is unclear which metre belongs to which apartment. Their volumes represent their water consumption, or ‘existence’ relative to Yuval’s apartment.

Bezalel-Spring-Crit-1 Bezalel-Spring-Crit-2


Videos of more student projects explaining their process